Sunday, November 30, 2008

We found Riley, The Beautiful Free Couches and My Anniversary Gift

After about 24 hours we found Riley, he is back home and safe with us. One of the neighbors at the end of the street found him sitting at his front door that night and took him over to his friends house who could watch him over night. The next day Clinton went knocking doors after he got home from work and got him back. The two men who kep him over night (whom live together and we think are gay!) just feel in LOVE with Riley and offered to take him any time we didn't want to leave him at home. They are very nice and so kind that on Saturday we let Riley go over for a play date with their dog!!
So it was before we had even moved into our house that someone in our ward had some couches they were getting rid of. I jumped right on that because nothings better than free stuff!! We thought we could use some couches in our loft until we can afford something new. Well we found out really quick why they were getting rid of them, they day we went to pick them up!!
The print is very fancy for someone who ......... actually.... i don't know why anyone would really want this print!

Besides the fact that they are rather ugly.....they are very comfortable and until we can get something better they work better than the floor!!

For our Anniversary Clinton got me a picture from this really fancy framing shop, I got to go down and pick one out and this is what i found. Its one of Greg Olsen's newest paintings. I just feel in love when i saw it.


Shawn and Nichole said...

I am so glad you found him. And I don't know why you don't absolutely love that print on the sofa! Glad to hear things are going great.

Ryan & Rischel said...

Those are some NICE looking couches!! I wouldnt' want to sit on them they are so beautiful! cAN'T wait until you come Er!!!

Suzanne Cooper said...

Phew. I'm really glad you found Riley, I was worried. It's so scary when a pet runs off. Reminds me of the time that your old schnauzer Tucker ran away and Rischel and I made Lost Dog signs.

Your new house is beautiful....and so are those couches ;)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I CAN'T believe you don't absolutely LOVE those couches!!! HAHA I guess if they are free anything will do! So glad you found your little Riley!

Lisa said...

Hey lady!!

Girls night out!???

I want to come see your house!!

Lindsey Capel said...

I like the couch. You could put new fabric on it and make it really cute.