Monday, October 13, 2008

Our ONE Year Anniversary

Last Friday was our ONE YEAR!!
Where has the time gone? I planned a great trip to San Diego. We stayed in a hotel near Mission Bay. It was really nice and I was very proud of myself for picking such a great place. Only because the last time I didn't do so well!!

On Friday we just walked around to see the sites of San Diego. We got up and drove into down town San Diego. We walked to the Tram and met a really nice couple from Minnesota who were looking for some help and ended up helping us more than we helped them!! They told us a couple places to visit and gave us a really nice city map that was just perfect for the day. We walked around Sea Port Village and then got on the Tram and headed to "Old Town" San Diego, which was so much fun. This is where the heart of San Diego used to be. Most of this area is in its original condition. Really fun place, lots of shops, historic sites and food! As we were walking around we saw this Candle shop where you could dip your own candles. So we stopped in. We ended up spending about an hour in this place talked to the owners and another worker where she custom made us a sculpted candle. It was so incredible how fast she sculpted this candle, I was so impressed.

Clinton was so Excited when he got to eat at Ghirardelli's. He spotted it across the street and squeezed my hand so hard i thought he broke a finger!

Do you think the hat is a little small ?!!

After spending all day in Old Town we hopped back on the tram and headed back to the hotel and got freshened up for a fancy dinner together. We ate at a place called "Mr. A's". This was down town on the 12Th floor of a HUGE building with a BEAUTIFUL view of San Diego lit up at night. The menu was more than I could handle I couldn't even pronounce the names and didn't know what I was ordering!! I have to say that I have never paid that much for a dinner before and probably won’t do that for a while!! It was really nice to say the least.

Some day this might just be me riding on the belly of a killer whale!
Saturday was GREAT. We went to Sea World. I JUST LOVE Sea World. I think it’s one of my favorite places to visit, mostly because I'm so fascinated with the animals and how amazing they are. Every time I go there I leave wanting to become a trainer!! From the moment the park opened to closing we were there and had such a blast. We took a "Site Seeing Tour" and got to go behind the scenes and interact with the dolphins and feed eels and sea turtles, which was really fun. The weather was perfect it was sunny and actually a little breezy which kept us nice and cool. Little did I think that chilly CA would have more sun than AZ.? I got a sun burn on my neck!!
Sunday was more relaxing. We got up and checked out of the hotel and took a bus trolley tour of San Diego. This was really neat. We learned a whole lot of neat facts about the city and got to see some really neat places. This Trolley took us all over; we could hop on and off whenever we wanted. We stopped at Coronado Island and walked around for a while, then went to Balboa Park and that was just spectacular. They have these little cottages called "Culture cottages" that feature 29 different countries. You can go inside these little houses and see a glimpse of that country. At the bus stop we met a really sweet 85 year old lady from Denmark who was not married and has no family but every Sunday would come down to Balboa Park and spend the day at the cottages. After the park it was time to head home. We stopped and ate some great Mexican food and hit the road back home!
We had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see what the next Year will bring!!
We had such a great time and were so tuckered out we had to take a quick nap before leaving!!!


Samantha said...

I CANNOT believe it has been a year. Happy Anniversary- looks like you had so much fun!

Ryan & Rischel said...

gLAD YOU had fun Erin and clinto!!

Jeremy & Ashley said...

Numero Uno....congratulations! and what a weekend, you guys sure know how to go big! hold on though, it only goes faster and faster :)

Sarah and Robbie said...

Oh hooray for your 1 year! So fun! Robbie and I do this thing where we take turns planning our anniversaries- I love it!

Jasmine & Shawn Turner & Family said...

Will: "Does Erin have a lot of money now and that's why she goes so many places?"
Shawn: "Just wait 'til she has kids and it sucks her money away..."

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