Friday, August 15, 2008

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!

Tuesday morning Clinton came home from work around 9am and wanted to go somewhere… we jumped in the car and drove to Vegas. Call us crazy but we had a blast. This was our first time going to Vegas together. We arrived around 5pm Tuesday night check in and hit the strip. We walked around for a while just looking at the sites, walking through the major big hotels, my favorite, the Bellagio which was an amazing site and not to mention the water show they play all day long. My favorite was the Pink Panther theme song. We were getting hungry and what better to do than find a buffet, Vegas is famous for their buffets. Clinton loves seafood so we found a seafood buffet and ate till we couldn’t move, well more like till I couldn’t move! We then walked around more trying to walk off all the pounds I just ate!
Since we only had a short time we didn’t get to go to any shows, we were actually in Vegas for about 15 hours!
The next day we woke up and check out and got an early start. I was hungry so we went to the Mandela Bay hotel and had their amazing breakfast buffet. WOW it was so good. I love breakfast and well it’s only the most important meal so might as well start it off with a BANG! We then took off down the strip and went to the MGM, saw the Lions, M&M world played with all the toys, and of course had to hit a few slots just for fun. I cant go to Vegas and not play at least $1 in the penny slots. Clinton says to me “i have a fun idea... we each have $5 lets go to all the major hotels while we are out walking around and we can play $1 at each hotel and if we win we leave and go to the next”. I thought that would be fun. So we hit the MGM first and I put in my $1 in the penny slot. Well before I had lost my dollar I ended up winning $5. So we left and went on. The next casino I played my $1 and hit the jack pot with winning $10.22. I was so excited and cashed out!!
We went to the Harley Davidson bar and Clinton was in Heaven. He wants a Harley so bad, but for now I will just have to let him dream!
The last hotel/casino we stopped at was the Luxor and I put in my $1 and hit big this time, I ended up winning $12.87 but became so addicted and just kept playing and lost it all. This goes to show that gambling is NOT good it’s very addicting! So advice stay away, far away!!!

Us in front of the Cesar Palace at the Bellagio water show

in side the Bellagio it was so beautiful
I loved this, get married at the Harley Davidson Cafe, at the "Chopper Chapel"!!!

What's he looking at??? OHHHH he is in a trance!

Clinton thinks he will win something, but little does he know its just a candy machine!!
I love my goofy husband!New York New York hotel
Yummy Crab Legs
Honey what are you doing ?!?!

I just might........ have a slight gambling problem!!! I put in a dollar and got $10.22!!I wont tell if you dont!!


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