Saturday, August 23, 2008

My New Table

I have been looking for a kitchen table for about ummmm....... 6 months too long!! I found some I liked but nothing that really stood out and was worth the price, so i kept looking. Then after weeks of looking and not having any luck i gave up. About a week ago I was just sitting down after work one day and thought i would just take one more look on Craig's list just for fun and sure enough the table I had been searching high and low for was just a click away!!
So I e-mailed the seller and the next day it was mine.
I am just so excited we have table to sit down and eat meals at. Although we had a table that i wouldn't really call a table... it was more like a square piece of wood with legs that you couldn't fit your lets under and if you wanted to you would be holding up the table! So it then became my office/papers table and constantly had stuff on it.
I really got a steal, it's a cappuccino wood with a fold in leaf, which is called a butterfly leaf (hence it looks like a butterfly half opened!!) the chairs are cushioned and she gave me ALL 9 chairs, don't really need that many now but why not!! Very minimal scratches, overall in great condition. I JUST LOVE IT and it cost me $275.
I looked it up on line and with the table and 8 chairs it costs $1,600
Its so beautiful and i just LOVE it. I feel like we need a really nice house to go with it . But we will have to wait for that!!

This is why its called a butterfly leaf!


Ryan & Rischel said...

nice buy erin, I wish i had that. but glad you found what you were looking for.

Brooke said...

This looks exactly like one of our tables except ours is more brown. It's a great table for large groups.

Derald and Jen said...

Daaaaaang that's nice chancha! Do joo think that joo could find a cholo something just as cool??? I am officially designating you as my furniture hunter. I don't think there has ever been a furniture hunter in existence before, but that's ok! You can be the first! Anyway, I love it! It's beautiful! Good job!