Sunday, July 6, 2008


As much as i love the summer AZ is actually too HOT for me... but i learn to adjust. This July 4Th it was about 105 but we had a nice breeze and that was wonderful and a little scary for lighting off fireworks about 500 yards in front of 150 people. As every year comes around the Kennedy's have the big firework show in the back pasture for all who wants to come. Just as last year it was busy and full of fun. Clinton and i were stuck doing snow cones again so i didn't get to take many pictures but the only 2 pictures of fireworks I got where blurry and more blurry!! It was a lot of fun and a little chaotic but we love doing it. I loved watching the kids patiently waiting in line as we are making snow cones and hoping that i will pick the flavor they are wanting. My response to them when i am asked... What flavor is that? I say... Red, Green, and Blue.... take your pick! :)

And more Blurry!!

Clinton hard at work making snow cones. I love Clay's little head poking up watching him.

This is the back pasture where the fireworks are pretty darn close, probably the closest you can get to a firework show.

I took this picture in the dark and couldn't see a think but i love Kaia's cheesy smile and Nakoria squinting because of the killer flash.


Sarah and Robbie said...

So fun and cute. Your firework pictures remind me of most of mine from the 4th of July, too . . . I'll post some soon.

Looks like you had fun time! God Bless America! :)
Miss you!

Nick & Kristen said...

Hey Erin! Kristen Smith here! I am so happy for you all married!!! I LOVED looking at all your pictures!

Lyndsey said...

hi, I tried to email you but it won't go through!! I am sure I wrote it down wrong....anyway, I am hope to talk to you soon!