Friday, July 25, 2008

First a Dog, Now an X-Box... What Next??

So for as long as i can remember Clinton has wanted an X-Box, I compromised with getting a dog and thought that he would forget about wanting an X-Box...... well i was wrong. About a couple weeks ago he began looking on Craig's List for an X-Box. I would just keep quiet and tell him we needed to wait until we have more residual income. I didn't feel that this is something we need to spend money on when we have other expenses that are more important. But he kept looking and hoping to persuade me. Well it happened but I ended up compromising with him. He had to find a way to get the money he needed, this would not come out of our monthly income, he would have to find a way to earn what he needed to get the X-Box he wanted to buy and he did just that. I honestly have to say that I'm not much of a video game person but Guitar Hero is actually pretty fun.

I tell Clinton the title of my blog
Me: "honey here's the title of the blog, 'Fist a dog now an X-box, What next"
Clinton's response: " A Motorcycle"
I am married to a man who has a LOT of HUGE hobbies and wants.
Am I alone???
he bought this used off Craig's list but got an awesome deal
2 wireless remotes, 2 games, a headset, over a dozen games on the hard-drive and more.
The guitar hero he borrow from a friend but as soon as he can find another way to get $ he will go and buy the guitar.

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jayne said...

My husband is the EXACT same way. He started out small like your husband, but just wait. Next in line for my household? A toyota tundra quad cab. A new camera lens for his 20D (not cheap). These are on his short list. I can't even look at the long list. I think it costs me money just knowing what it is he wants.