Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Welcome to your new home Riley!!
Clinton's New best friend :) he was so happy When it comes to love I'm such a sucker!!
Welcome the newest member of our family, Riley. Clinton has been asking me for a dog since we were dating. I always said "NO". But a few weeks ago he wanted to go to the pound and "just look". I said sure i would like to do that. Well my heart melted for all those homeless dogs. I didn't care much for the dogs that were barking non-stop or those that were foaming at the mouth. But for the others i wished i could have taken them all home so they did have to spend one more night in dogie jail. We did however leave with NO dog. We talked about it for a while and in that time i gave in and said okay. So last week Clinton called a few animal shelters around to find if they had the dog I would be okay with having, a Min Schnauzer, which is what my parents have. They are great dogs, pretty easy, low maintenance, smart, and very loving, don't shed (a plus!) and just pretty good dogs all around. The Phoenix pound had one, so on Friday we drove up to Phoenix and saw little Riley and I fell in love because he looked so much like Tucker and TJ (tucker jr.) the Schnauzers that my parents have. So after a stressful hour of debating i finally decided we could take him home. It was hard to say no once the volunteer put the yellow tag on his neck which means "adopted". He put the tag on just so no one else would come along and want him while we were still deciding. I went back to take another look and couldn't bare take that tag off, he looked so happy.

Riley was a stray found on May 21,2008, he is about 10 months old. He looks so scraggly because he was homeless for a while and living on the streets was hard for him. Sadly we cant take him to the groomers for a week. He was just neutered and cant get wet. So he has to stay all stinky and dirty for another week. So far is has done very well at home and Clinton and him haven't been apart for more than a few minutes! They are currently cuddled up sleeping on the couch.


Basarabas said...

What a cute dog! It is sad seeing all of them at the pound.

Em K DUB said...

Well I think you made a great choice!!! Love the name, love the breed, love everything!!! How's life by the way?

rcworkman said...

Awe! So cute!

rcworkman said...

Awe! So cute!

Lisa said...

ohhh goodness gracious you got a dog!! holy moly!! good luck!! leave it to you to break down! you are too cute ERIN! I love ya!