Sunday, March 16, 2008



So why my hubby is in California playing today (I know honey you are working!!). I am home going crazy trying to pack up our apartment. We have a lot of JUNK. You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to move. I would think that I have learned after moving 14 times in the last 7 years that it really stinks and I NEVER want to move again. I have realized that it gets even worse when you are married. Your things together double….. NO they quadruple…… who ever told me that they only double was WRONG!! I have so much CRAP it’s not even funny.
I have packed just about everything except for a few essentials. So basically I am living as if I’m on vacation for another week. I have a spoon, bowl, cup, and 1 plate, my jar of peanut-butter and a couple boxes of cereal in the kitchen. I should be good for a while!!

This is how I will have to live until next Saturday. I had to pack early b/c I am going to be so busy next week and that was when i could get someone to help me. I have to say that packing alone is REALLY frustrating and hard. I tried that one day and wanted to cry. I just felt like I was running in circles.


Samantha said...

Erin I can't believe you have to do that all by yourself. If I lived by you I'd come help and keep you company. You are being very brave while your husband is away. I always hate to be away from Kyle.

Ryan & Rischel said...

Erin, If I could help I would. Keep hanging in there. This time will pass.