Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ciudad Los Ninos (City Of Children)

What better time to serve than the Christmas season? Generaly we have more than we need; but there are some who are not fortunate to have the luxeries of a home, a mother or a father. There are those that don't have the simple comodadies such as hot/running water, a coat, clean clothes, or even as simple as a door. For this reason we enjoy serving those that are less fortunate. This year the with all the help from the "In Here" gropu we gave more than a smile on a face, more than a shirt for there backs or a coat to wear, we gave them a home.

This year for the "IN HERE" Mexico project we went to the Ciudad Los Ninos orphanage and reconstructed two houses. It was a HUGE project this year and we were able to do a lot, but also wished we could have done more. This was a very special trip b/c this is where Clinton and I met 1 year ago. Now that Clinton is one of the Co-presidents we had to go up a day early and spent a day with the Garcia family and got to help organize the dinner and go to the Mexican markets, that was fun!!
On Friday the rest of the group drove down and met us at the street restaurant where we eat at every year... this is actually the exact place Clinton and i first met, Dec. 21st 2006, and we were there Dec. 21st 2007.....same day and same time!!! It was really fun. When the entire group was together we all drove over to the orphanage and played with the children on the playground until dinner.
For dinner Hermana Garcia cooked an amazing REAL Mexican meal for us and then entire orphanage... about 90 people that night, it was really good, she is such a great cook. After dinner we had a little fiesta and bought a pinata for the kids. The Garcia family was a family Adam new very well from his mission and is very close with. So each year we see them or plan something with them. They are such wonderful people. Here are a few pictures of the trip this year. It was very successful and we cant wait for next years project.

If any of you have ever been to Mexico and been inside the houses you will see the resemblance in these pictures. The houses are made of cement and the walls not very easy to paint. They dont have the luxurious homes like we do in the states... but they are very blessed to have something. Even to have a door, or running water was a blessing.

Clinton & I were the designated Plumbers!! Don't worry we new NOTHING about plumbing!! And we did pretty darn good.

This is me puttig together the Toilet, it was great once the old toilet was gone and all the cockroaches had scattered back into the hole!!!
Painting the walls was great fun!!

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