Friday, August 31, 2007

Post Tonsillectomy update...

Well surprisingly my surgery went very well and I'm actually feeling pretty darn good considering the fact and good enough to blog. My throat is absolutely disgusting but I'm doing better than expected. Surgery went well my Doctor told Clinton that this was the worst Tonsil he has seen in a long time and possibly the worst EVER. So here is what happened.... when he was removing the tonsil on the left side behind it he found a HUGE hole that had been eroded away from the abscess. I guess the abscess ate away the tissue and muscle during its stay so i now have a huge void/hole on the left side of my throat. The right side there is a hole as well but not as big. Having surgery is always so interesting. I remember the anaesthesiologist coming in and putting medicine in my IV and Clinton says "how long does that take?" and i looked over at him as my eyes were starting to droop and I said "fast" and next thing i know I'm being waken up by my wonderful sweet nurse. Who tells me "Erin its time to wake up" and asks me how my pain is. It was like she flipped a switch. The moment the sleepy meds wore off enough for me to realize what had just happened i was in extreme pain. I remember my first swallow, it was horrible. I felt like i had something stuck in my throat again and i could feel the stitches. It didn't make me sick but just felt weird. I rated my pain at an 8.... for those of you have have listened or seen Brian Regan you will know that if you want some good pain meds "SAY 8, SAY 8 "!!!! and of course she gave me morphine!! It was awesome. I spent about 2 hours in the post-op area before they let me go home. Clinton was their waiting for me and came back when i was out of surgery. He was so wonderful and so sweet. He took me home and has been here with me all day jumping to my every need and call. Its so sweet how wonderful he has been getting me anything and not even letting me walk to the bathroom by myself. For most of the day i was like a zombie in my bed half passed out watching movies and eating Popsicles. So far i have eaten 6 since i got home. My pain is manageable and I'm not too worried about taking pain meds so much b/c i feel pretty good. But I have been told that it will get worse. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this recovery will go well. I wasn't sure if i was going to attach a pic but i am.... I apologize to those with weak stomachs.... if so DON'T look. My throat has two giant holes and is green and black, the large thing in the middle is the Uvula and yes its a little swollen! But nothing compared to what my tonsils where when they were intact. I have a really old pic of my throat back in may that i will put up so you can see my normal/sick tonsils intact. This throat pic was not the worst my throat was during my sickness, but it was the only one i had. Until i write again. thanks everyone for all your comments and thoughts.

top pic post surgery> bottom pic tonsils in May

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ashleyboice said...

Wow that picture is amazing. Wow...what more can I say??