Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update on The New Year

What a great year we had. 2011 is gone and we had so many great memories to look back on. We had a great Christmas and New Years. It was nothing extravagant but we enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

Over the break the kids had their checkups.

Reece was in the 75% for her height and 60% for her weight, 24lbs. She is going to be tall like her mother. She healthy and well, but we did find a bump on her tummy which we thought was a hernia. We were sent to Spokane to see a specialist and have further testing. She had a CT scan and they saw the lump but it wasn’t a hernia but don’t really know what it is. The Dr said she might just have been born with it. He was not concerned and didn’t feel it was serious, so we are going to keep watching it and follow up within the year. It was good news not to have surgery but kind of uneasy not really knowing what this lump is. She I very healthy so we hope all goes well .

Reece is growing and learning so much, she is currently trying out for the role as a 2 year old and I’m going to say she will defiantly get the part!! She loves to try new things and is such a big girl. She likes to use chairs and stools to reach for things and is ever so smart in doing so. She is such a chatter box, says just about everything she hears. We love her and are excited to continue to watch her grow.

Turner weighted in at 14.5lbs and was 23inches long, my beefy baby. He is doing well and healthy as well. Lately we have been having issues with acid reflux, so he was put on Zantac and things started to improve for a while. Then just recently things got worse and he is now going to see a GI specialist in Spokane. Turner is doing well and for the most part he is such a happy baby. He has a hard time sleeping flat so we have resorted to using his swing. He hates to be alone and gets upset if you leave him for a min. He is getting his 1st tooth, which makes me sad b/c my baby is growing up too fast. He has mastered sitting up and is learning to roll over and loves to play with things. He is instantly glued to the TV if it’s on he HATES loud noises. Turner is such a happy boy and loves to smile, squeal and babble.

Clinton is working hard trying to finish his paper within the next couple months. He spends all his free time writing and has completed 2 chapters so far. He tutors twice a week for a couple students and enjoys the break from writing. We really enjoy having home every day and it’s going to sure be hard once he gets a job and has to leave us all day!

I am plugging along being a full time mommy! Back in Oct. I started my weight loss challenge and missed my goal by 3 pounds on Dec. 31st. 3 pounds isn’t much but I was so close, I’m still working at it and going strong. I have lost a total of 24lbs and hope to continue to keep it off. The kids keep me busy and it’s so fun to be home and watch them grow.

Since living with my parents I have found a new hobby. My mother is a great seamstress and I have taken up many projects with her scrap material. Over the past few months I have made blankets, crayon rolls, mini blankets for babies and many other things. My next projects are to make Reece some pj’s.

We are headed to AZ next month for a visit. We haven’t been there since we left last June. It will be a nice vacation, since we haven’t gone anywhere since we moved. I’m excited to go and have some warmer weather and get a break from our daily routine. I’m also excited to get the chance to visit some old friends and see family. That’s about it for now, here are some pictures of our past couple months.

Turner's first experience with a balloon!

Rischel and I
Owen's birthday party, yummy cake

Emry and Turner

Turner's blessing day Nov. 27, 2011

We saw Santa at the farm breakfast and it went something like this......
Happy and careless little Turner!
Reece not to happy

round 2 with daddy...........i think NOT!!
Still upset and terrified!! better luck next year.

Turner is such a ham. I just love this guy, he really knows how to melt my heart!

Reece loves taking baths and has found a new friend to enjoy them with
This girl is such a messy eater, when she is done she likes to rub her plate over her head and i just cringe at the sight!
i always vowed that my children would be clean eaters, well im not going to win this battle!!
one of Turner's favorite places to sit, he can see everyone and loves to talk.