Friday, April 8, 2011

Paris Trip

The last weekend in March we went on our first “real” trip out of the country. My cousin Lea who lives just 2 hours away invited us to go with her and her husband. We had a great time and saw so much in just 2 short days. We all took the Eurostar bullet train which goes underneath the English Channel. Our train left at 7:30 am Saturday morning and we got up to leave by 4am. Clinton set 2 alarms and after the first went off it shut off and the second never went off b/c it was set for M-F!! That night Reece was up all night sick with something so I was up until about 2am with her and bolted out of bed at 4:20 realizing we were going to be late. We managed to get out the door and made it to the train station on time.

Once we arrived in Paris we took the mile hike to our hotel (felt like 5 pulling luggage), and off we went to see the city. I was so exhausted but excited to see all the sites. Reece was sick and just looked miserable but still had a smile on her face. We took the metro all over the city, which was the best way to get around. I think we were on the metro at least 10 times in the first day, switching at different stops, going up and down stairs with a stroller!

The food was yummy, lots of Panini’s, baguettes, and pastries. We usually ate on the go so we didn’t have to stop and waste time. We only had 2 days and so many places to see. The French are very open with their bodies; we actually didn’t seem much skin on people as we saw in pictures and paintings, signs and billboards. Good think Reece was too young to notice any of it!

on the train to Paris
(poor girl was so sick and exhausted)

but later perked up and was happy!!
our first metro ride in Paris

one of the few escalators in the metro station, most often we lugged
the stroller up and down the stairs.

our first stop:
Norter Dame

next we walked up the river to see the Louvre

This was the hike up to the highest point in Paris to see the Sacre Coure you can’t actually see how many flight of stairs there were but i would guess about 6, luckily we had metro tickets and could use the giant escalator!

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica, also the highest point in Paris

Reece and her daddy relaxing for a moment

cant go to Paris and not see the
"Red Light District" Moulin Rouge
i will say it was quite interesting and i was glad to leave this scarey street

the Louvre pyramid

the famous Mona (it looks so small)

Arch of Triumph

what people will do for a little money!
the famous Eiffel Tower

busy street in Paris

the last night before going home ate at a traditional French restaurant
this poor baby was ran all over the city not well and still had a happy face

I found Reece fixing the pipes under the sink at the hotel,
hope she doesnt become a plumber :)!

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Shawn and Nichole said...

What a fun trip. I think it so cool that you get to travel and see the world with your cute little girl. It looked like you had an amazing time.