Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its time....

for a post.
I decided that i needed to post something b/c we haven't gone anywhere fun lately and Clinton has 1 week left of classes (YAY) so he has been super busy and working really hard.

Reece and i have been enjoying to beautiful warmer weather. We go on walks, feed the ducks, play, and crawl and climb onto everything.

3 days after Reece started crawling she learned to pull herself up and loves to walk all over as long as she has something hold on to.

this girls loves dogs almost as much as her daddy!!
she has no fear of them, big or small

Reece trying to get Roxy's doggy treat


ashley said...

i love love checking out the next adventures of the kennedy clan!! keep taking pictures and posting :)

ashley said...

hold on - erin - there is a baby ticker on your blog!!!! you are pregnant!!!! congratulations. im sorry im so slow, i had to back peddle and find the announcement you stinker :) call me when you make it back to the states! cant wait to catch up!!!

amberbuck said...

Did you guys get another dog? She looks like a puppy...too cute.