Friday, February 25, 2011

London Trip

We took our first trip to London Jan. 28th. It was not planned or organized at all. We just woke up and said "lets go to London today!" so we did. We found a GREAT hotel right in main London for a great deal. I didnt really know what it would be like or where it was but we got really lucky. It was really nice, TINY but super nice and super clean. We were just 2 min from the metro so it was perfect.

the fancy bathroom, it took me about a min to find the toilet flush!!
here is our room

outside the hotel, this was our street which was mostly hotels and a few residents.
to park on the street it was over 100 pounds so we used a car park. there is NO free parking in the UK, car parks EVERYWHERE even at the grocery stores!!

inside the Metro station

we used the metro to get around during the day which was super nice if we wanted to get to another side of the city

our first stop was Buckingham Palace

this is where changing of the Guards would take place, but with our luck we just missed it!
Buckingham Palace

the traditional phone booth picture. not the best, there was a HUGE crowd of people wanting to do the same thing as if this was the only phone booth around

Westminster Abbey

double decker buses (i dont know what i was looking at!)

Westminster Abbey close up

we didnt end up taking the tour b/c it was SO busy, the line wrapped around the building and it takes about 3 hours to go through (next visit for sure)

another part of the church

down town at Piccadilly Circus (huge shopping, and fun atmosphere)
China town in London!!


Celeste said...

So incredible! I love watching all your adventures. How exciting! And Reese is sooooo adorable! I just want to squeeze her! :) Looks like you are doing good!

amberbuck said...

That is sooo awesome! I'm so jealous because I doubt I'll ever go there, Russell has no desire. I'm so excited for you guys that you get to experience all that! I hope you're feeling well.