Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Story of Her Arrival

Our sweet little Reece Kathryn Kennedy was born @ 11:01 am on June 20, 2010, the best Fathers day I could think of! She is doing so well and is a super good baby. We have our moments when she shows me what it’s like to be a real mom, but mostly she is super easy and just perfect.
Here is the story behind your arrival….

It all started with my 39 week Dr apt when my Dr offered to strip my membranes. That day was a long day of cramping, contractions, and lots and lots of pelvic pain. I woke up the next day and the contractions started all over again just more frequent. For an hour they were 3-5 minutes apart and then just stopped and started again intermittently. I knew it was not time to go to the hospital I wanted to spend the least amount of time there as possible b/c once you are there and hooked up your trapped. So all day Clinton followed me around with a stop watch and timed me and asked every 10minutes “are you ready to go to the hospital?” he was so anxious I was beginning to wonder who was pregnant!! We did lots of walking that day and I was just dying, my hips were so uncomfortable but Clinton insisted on more walking. The more we walk the faster this baby will come is what he thought (and well he was right). So Friday night we went to the mall and walked around for an hour and nothing progressed, I just felt even more miserable. I slept okay that night but woke up with more contractions and started to get a little discouraged and frustrated. I knew I had to do something and take my mind off of “tying” to get this baby here. So I mowed the lawn!! YUP I hopped on the ridding lawn mower and bounced my way across the 1 acre lawn. Maybe this shook things up a bit but when I was done I didn’t feel any different so I decided to just go about my day finding anything to keep busy. It was about 2:30 when I had a little emotional breakdown and wanted to get out of the house but I didn’t know where to go. By 4pm I was ready to go and stood up and had a sudden (sorry a little graphic) gush of fluid exit my body!! I thought well I just wet my pants or my water just broke. After I researched on what to do to make sure it was indeed my water breaking I spent the next hour and half lying down and getting up after 30 minutes to check to see if I was still leaking and I was. So we slowly (Clinton was a little nervous and anxious) got our bags all put together and headed to the hospital. We got there and checked in by 6pm Saturday night. I was wheeled up to L&D triage where they checked to make sure it was the real thing. At this point I was getting nervous about being sent home and them telling me, you just pee'd your pants. But my anxiety was calmed when she said you are staying you did break!! No turning back now!
We then went to the Labor room where I was given a drug called Cervidil that was going to soften my cervix b/c I was only 2 cm and 60% effaced. They wanted my body to start to progress soon so I didn’t have to get potocin. The Cervidil was going to be in for 12 hours and then they would see how much I had progressed if any. About 2 hours later the REAL contractions started and the fun began, BACK LABOR! I tried so hard to get through them all but it wasn’t long before my contractions were on top of each other, I tried to compare them to my kidney stone attaches and b/c of my back labor it was so similar. I would have maybe 30 seconds in-between each contraction and then I would get them back to back for about 3-5 minutes. This lasted until 4am when my nurse checked me and I had only progressed to 4cm 80%. We tried other pains meds through the IV but it didn’t even touch me, I was getting no relief and no sleep and I was already so exhausted. The Dr and nurse told me that I needed to get something to relax my body so I could progress and an epidural would help the best. They were worried b/c after so many hours of your water breaking you have to get that baby out and I was starting to run a fever so they started me on an antibiotic.
At 4am I got my epidural and finally slept for 2 full hours until my left side started to wear off. I woke up b/c I was having a contraction and could feel them and they were rough. I waited another hour before I called the nurse and the Anesthesiologist came in and readjusted me and we were back in business. Around 9:30 am my nurse came in to check me and I was now at 9cm 95% but I was super numb and couldn’t move so we stopped the epidural so it would be easier for me to push. At this point the adrenalin started to kick in and I was feeling anxious. They were prepping the room and getting ready, Clinton was getting anxious and trying to decide where to sit. I was going to have this baby soon and i reality was setting in. We made an agreement that if I got drugs and an epidural he would stay in the room (hoping to not pass out). He did a wonderful job hiding in the corner next to my head peaking through the bed rail!! To keep his mind occupied he later told me he counted my contractions and I had a total of 5 contractions, pushing 3 times with each, the first 2 were practice so they really did nothing, and then i started to throw up. The nurse said it was very common b/c of all the hormones pumping through your body. It was really hard to figure out how to push when half your body was numb. But each time I threw up the baby came even further, they told me if i wanted to continue to throw up i just might have a baby!! I did stop and once I figured out how to push she was out in about 15 minutes.
It was the most amazing moment and I cried when they put her on my stomach. I was so happy and couldn’t hold back my emotions; all I could do was look at her and cry. I always heard stories of woman crying but I didn’t understand until that moment. The pain was minimal if any and I would have to say that this first time labor experience was really good considering all that went on and once the active labor started it was pretty good. I had such great nurses and they were super patient with me having no clue what to do. Clinton was doing really well not passing out with all that goes on and I could not have done it without him being in the room. I am so glad he made it without hitting the floor or throwing up! We had a great nurse who would make noises and pat his head when the Dr was fixing me up and with some of the noises that go on. It was quite funny, but I’m so proud of him being there, he does not do well in those situations.


Cassidy said...

Back labor is the WORST. I'm glad the drugs helped some. Your experience is a lot like mine with Carter. I'm glad the water broke, that way you HAVE to go to the dr, and they can't turn you away. No worrying about waiting to see if you are far enough along and then being turned away. It's the way to go. ;) good job. SHe is a cutie, and doesn't it feel soooo good to sleep on your stomach again??

The Mama said...

So, I had to look up "back Labor" because I've never heard of that terminology, but after reading it, I DEFINITELY went through that with Arthur. OUCH! I'm so glad you got an epidural!! They are magical.

I can't wait to see you, Clinton, and Reece again!!!

Kelsey Danielle said...

That sounds SOOO much like my first delivery! I had the same complications with labor lasting too long after my water broke and the same amount of time pushing and everything! I'm SO happy to hear that it was an overall good experiene for you and your hubby! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats!