Sunday, August 23, 2009

12 Week Challenge.....

A week ago i started this 12 Week Wellness Challenge with about 25 people (maybe more i don't know exact). The challenge consists of 10 categories, each 1 point and your goal is to earn 10 points every day totaling 70 points a week.

These are the challenges we have every day/week....
1. 48 oz. of water
2. 45 minutes of exercise
3. 2 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit
4. No soda, beer, wine, unhealthy snacks (ex: potato chips), or bad fast food
5. No sweets. (Desserts, pastries, sugary snacks & cereals).
6. No eating after dinner/8pm
7. 15 min. of scripture reading
8. One journal entry (any length)
9. Express sincere appreciation, love or praise to your spouse
10. Personal Goal

We do get 1 free point for each category once a week so i can take a free day and just go all out.... or have a day that i don't exercise/eat sweets/ goal etc. So there is flexibility.
So far with my first week i did really good. I was more surprised at how easy it was to drink 48oz. H2O and not eating any SWEETS or drinking Soda (I'm not a huge soda drinker but i do like one every now and then). Now i don't even really crave sweets or soda any more. I love to exercise and i feel so good after.

One week down 11 more to go!! At the end of the challenge if i win then i get the $$ in the pot (about $250) or just a great experience challenging myself. I'm really excited and hope that i will get in shape and fit for a half marathon/race or anything that will challenge me more.


Lisa said...

sounds GREAT. i don't know if I could last on the treat and eating after 8. Humm. so sorry I didn't tx you back.

Cassidy said...

AWESOME. I want to do that.