Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome To Our New Home!!

Well for those of you who don't know.....

We bought our first HOME!!

Its official and we can now spread the word!!

We had been looking for a while but were not really aggressive about it. Our friend from Church was our realtor and he did all the looking. He called us up Sept. 21st and said he had this amazing foreclose that we should take a look at. I was a little hesitant because the last forecloses we looked at were more on the “fix me up” side. But he said it was incredible, so we decided to take a look. The best part was it wasn't even out on the market so we would have to first bid if we really liked it. So that night we drove over and took a look and we were AMAZED, it was beautiful. This home was built with "STYLE" (Dad that was for you, we can’t live that saying down!) and it pretty much had upgrades all over. Granite counters, tile floors, stainless steel, beautiful railing, custom blinds in the ENTIRE house, fancy light fixtures and more. It’s 2200 Sq. Ft 4 bedrooms, a loft, 2 full bath and 1 half, and a 2 ½ car garage. The back yard is HUGE, this alone sold Clinton right away!! So we thought about it for a few days and I was hesitant and thought there was no way we could do this. I think I was more scared than anything. By Wednesday we had put in a bid and we were countered offered that night and we accepted it. We were so excited and happy, we were going to have our own home!

Then on Oct. 24Th, the day we were supposed to close and sign the papers, we got a call that we didn’t expect. The seller was asking us for more $$ upfront and he was being difficult and basically we had to back out and LOST the house. The real story is much more complicated but that is more understanding.
It was so sad and it was a huge let down. But we moved on and decided it wasn't time and we would just wait and find something else. Then a week later we get a call back that the seller changed his mind and would accept our original offer and we got the house back!! We were really nervous until the day we went down to sign all the papers and it became OFFICIAL!
On Oct. 31st we became "Home Owners". It was really odd at first and didn't feel real, and even after moving in it took me a while to realize that we own a home. It’s beautiful and we just love it!! I have so much room in my kitchen I don't know what to do, I went from 3 drawers and 10 cupboards to 10 drawers and 25 cupboards! I have so much room im loving it.

Riley is adjusting to his new home and just loves his doggie door and we love it even more now that we don't have to take him out for walks!! It is rather hilarious to watch him use the stairs; he doesn't really understand them too well. If you go up stairs he will just sit at the bottom because when he tries to use them he trips on them the entire time he is going up.

We feel so blessed to have this beautiful home and have such wonderful family and friends who helped us move and who supported us with our new venture together.
Here are some pictures I took but we are still getting things unpacked so when we have our house warming party at the New Year I should be all put together!

This is the view of the front door looking down from the upstairs.

My dining room from the kitchen. Its BIG !! My dining room from the front room.

My honey putting the entertainment systme together in the Loft.
Riley not sure how to use stairs!!


Scott & Tami said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!!!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

so AWESOME! I can't wait to have a home I can call my own!!

Lisa said...

wow congrats that is so rad. I want to come by some time to see it!!

ps whens the next girls night??

Jeremy & Ashley said...

wow what a beautiful home, i just took a glance but i promise to come back and read details...CONGRATS!!!!

hoopes03 said...

Awesome!!! I can't wait to see the house. Clinton you better invite your favorite sister over :)

Lindsey Capel said...

Your house is so cute and really BIG! How exciting!

Cassidy said...

That's great! Totally cute! Congrats guys! Man, I was looking at old posts (I've been out of it for awhile) and I can't believe you've already been married a year!!! Wow. Time does fly. Congrats!

Jasmine and Shawn Turner & Family said...

Auri says: "Why can't we visit one more time? So I can see their house?"