Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 AM scare, Bored and Good News

So Monday morning we had quite a scare. Clinton had to leave for scout camp at 3 a.m. Monday morning and i had to work that day as well so he was going to take Riley to his parents house so he wouldn't be home inside all day. At 3 a.m. he wakes me up to say goodbye and off he goes with Riley. About 3:20 my phone is going off, i thought man that was fast is it 4 already (that is what time i get up for work), but nope it was Clinton calling me. Fist thing he says is "babe we have a big problem". I was half asleep but now i was awake and alert. He told me he was at the church picking up the boys and put Riley in the back of the truck to take him to the house, when he pulled up and got out Riley was not in the back of the truck. I was terrified i thought for sure he was gone, dead or hurt. He told me he drove back slowly to the church but no Riley. So they were at the church looking for him. So threw on some pants and was out the door to drive down to look on the side of the road. Then as i got in the car i said a pathetic quick prayer and 20 seconds later Clinton called me and said "we found him, but he is running so i have to go". I was relieved but still worried. I called him back a few minutes later and he was still in route and Riley just jumped into the canal around the corner from the church. Needless to say Clinton was able to get him out and he was terrified but safe. I can't believe how scared we were, this was like a child to us. You can really get attacked to your animals. Even after all was okay i was still WIDE awake and just wanted to go over and hold him. He sure did give us a scare.
Since Clinton left i have been bored because i only had to work on Monday and yesterday was home all day. With gas prices so high i usually don't go anywhere unless i absolutely have to. So Riley and I just hang out all day. It's like 150 degree's here its deathly HOT, I'm so ready for summer to be over.
We do have some good news about Clinton's job. About 3 weeks ago Clinton was offered a huge promotion with his job, they were basically bending over backwards to keep him in the company. So this means NO MORE traveling, more pay and they are working with his school schedule and even paying for school!! Pretty awesome deal if you ask me. We were very excited and felt so blessed.
Clinton is suppose to be coming home tonight. Its only been 3 days but i sure do miss him. I don't know how i did it when he was gone for 4 weeks at a time.


Kelsey Danielle said...

wow that is crazy!! I'm glad your dog was okay! and congrats on the promotion! that is so exciting for you guys... i'm really glad he doesn't have to travel anymore... I hate reading about you being at home alone! take care!!

Ryan & Rischel said...

Erin, I havent' talked to you forever. Glad you found the dog and congrats with Clint's job!! Good luck with everything.

Basarabas said...

Congrats on the promotion! That's great that you guys will be able to see eachother more.

Shawn and Nichole said...

I love your dog. I tell Shawn that I want a dog and he just rolls his eyes . I am happy to hear about Clinton's promotion and that Riley is okay.