Thursday, November 15, 2007

I LOVE Watching Seinfeld

It was about 9pm and i was falling asleep so i told my hubby im tired and want to go to bed. So we got up said prayers and got into bed. About 20 minutes later i was wide awake and he was snoozing like a baby. So i got up and turned on the TV. We dont have cable or anything fancy so what ever chanels come in is what we get. Well just my luck one of my favorite shows was on "Seinfeld". This show just makes me laugh. Kramer is so funny and just kills me with his acting. I love the way he walks,talks and most anything he does. The entire cast is hilarious but Kramer really makes the show great. Its a wonderful show and anyone who has the chance to watch it take it, you wont be disappointed. Even when your screen goes in and out of focus and static during the whole show its still great!!

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